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Decorative Fruit


Hand turned wooden fruit

Large bowl wooden fruit

Decorative Fruit so good looking it looks edible. No stains or dyes are used - just the natural wood gives the fruit its color..

Cherries/ Plums - $7.95 each
Lemons - $6.95 each
Apples/Pears - $12.95 each
Bananas - $16.95 each
Grapes - $59.95 each


Let us customize a bowl for you. Prices vary according to the amount of fruit in the bowl.

Please ask us.

Bowl on left above - $136.60.

Bowl with fruit - $196.60



Plums, Lemon, Cherries

Grapes & Banana


Pear and Apple

Wooden fruit is approximately the size of real fruit - apple is the size of a real apple, etc.
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